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Is Straight Talk For You?

As a business owner, I look for opportunities to reduce unnecessary business expenses wherever I can.    One particularly exasperating expense is that of the cell phone.   Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly understand a cell phone is a necessity in business.  However, we have witnessed in the past five years a rapid escalation of fees and charges, while at the same time, limitations have been placed on the services provided.  Additionally, the number of major wireless carriers in the U.S. continues to shrink.  If it feels like you’re being squeezed hard by the big boys, it is because you are.

straight talk

Enter Straight Talk, a wireless service from TracFone, the nation’s largest prepaid cellular service provider.  What you get from Straight Talk is no- nonsense, simple terms and service at a very affordable price.  Essentially, TracFone resells time on the Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.  In other words, it piggybacks on these carrier networks, so the coverage is no different.

Last month I ported my cell phone number from Verizon to Straight Talk.  I use a smart phone and the last month on Verizon I paid $83.49 (taxes included) for 500 minutes, no texts and 2 GB data.  This month I paid $49.91 (taxes included) for unlimited minutes (National), unlimited texts and 2 GB data.  A savings of 40%!

As a former Verizon customer, I had to purchase a new smartphone.  Why?   Interestingly enough, it is not a Straight Talk issue, but rather an issue created by Verizon to secure additional revenue through selling phones outright to consumers of their wireless service.  They essentially have the manufacturers hardwire the “SIM” card in them.  AT&T and T-Mobile, as I understand it, have interchangeable SIM cards, so a Straight Talk SIM card can be ordered to place in your existing phone.

As a reseller of Verizon, non-smart and smart phones can be purchased directly from Straight Talk online or through your local Walmart.  Keep in mind that you will pay a significantly higher price for your phone, since you’re not spreading the cost of the hardware over a 2-year contract.  In our area, the variety and quality of the phones are limited, but that apparently is changing.   Just recently, Straight Talk has released the iPhone 5 for sale.  I would guess in the coming months, the hardware will only continue to improve.  As it is, I selected a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim at a cost of $170.  It doesn’t have the screen real estate that my Motorola Droid X has, but it does not lack in performance at all.

I have family in remote parts of western Kansas, where cell coverage can be very spotty.  They have been on Straight Talk for at least six months and have found it to work flawlessly.  We’ve been so pleased with it, we even ported our home phone over to Straight Talk at a cost of $16.64 (taxes included).  It also works flawlessly and generated another 40% in savings for us.

How have you cut your cell phone costs?   Is Straight Talk a viable solution for you?

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