Finding Margin in Business and in Life

Turning Accounting on Its Head

It is difficult to believe we launched into the accounting business three years ago with a vision to serve a small number of clients in an exciting and unique way.  The idea behind it was to create a service that cross-pollenized the traditional accounting practice with the more intimate connection of an on-site client-employed bookkeeper […]

Is Straight Talk For You?

As a business owner, I look for opportunities to reduce unnecessary business expenses wherever I can.    One particularly exasperating expense is that of the cell phone.   Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly understand a cell phone is a necessity in business.  However, we have witnessed in the past five years a rapid escalation of […]

New Employee Checklist

In my last two posts, we discussed the four questions to ask yourself before hiring an employee and the four mistakes to avoid in hiring your first employee.  In this post, we complete our discussion on hiring a new employee with a checklist of the decisions and actions required prior to your new hire’s very […]

Four Mistakes To Avoid In Hiring Your First Employee

For a new business owner, hiring that first employee is a significant milestone that all too often ends up feeling like a millstone…tied around your neck.  Why?  Hiring someone is time-consuming; and time is the one thing you don’t have. The temptation then is to shortcut the hiring process in order to put someone in […]

Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Employee

“I meet myself coming and going, I just don’t know if I can keep up with the demand! It seems like I can’t get it all done any more! There’s more work here than I can ever hope to accomplish! If I only had some help around here!” Sound familiar? For almost every small business […]

When Do I Get Paid? Five Tips for Setting Up A Draw

Some time ago, I met with a client to review the financial results of her business from the past month.  The conclusions were not positive and resulted in yet another delay in the business providing her some form of payout.  She stared at me hard.  Clearly, the news was not what she had hoped and […]

Six Steps To Securing A Loan For Your Business

In my last article, I challenged business owners (especially new ones) with Three Questions to Consider Before Taking Out a Loan. Simply put, my argument is the best policy, as it relates to borrowing money, is not to do it at all. Having said that, I have worked in and alongside a number of organizations […]

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Out A Loan

Every new business owner will face the question of whether borrowing funds is necessary for their organization to grow. Most would never question this as a necessary, viable means to securing cash, yet I would argue they should question it…and question it hard! Some time ago, I was asked to participate in an emergency meeting […]

Six Keys To Negotiating Your First Business Lease

  Ok, you’ve done your homework and all signs indicate it is a GO to renting space.  You’ve met with your realtor and have identified a specific property that would be a good fit and you’re looking at a lease agreement provided by the potential landlord.  If this is your first deal, you’re likely to […]

When Should I Rent Space?

Some time ago, I was meeting with a new client to understand his financial priorities.  The client had successfully run a small business out of his home for two years, yet was struggling with the financial dynamics of expanding his business and had requested my help in sorting things out.  A commercial lease had been […]

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